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Envoyé par Lison2 
26 mars 2010, 10:14
j'espère que ce lien s'active à l'envoi.

For more on this subject, including footnotes - click here.

dommage... Myth and Facts Elie Hertz sur Jerusalem. tres interressant.
26 mars 2010, 10:17
27 mars 2010, 12:59
28 mars 2010, 02:39
chère Lison,

Merci d'avoir mis en ligne ce magnifique discours , que dire de plus ...


Que D.ieu l'épaule pour résister à ces pressions abusives !

En cette veille de PESSAH, qui a marquè la fin de notre esclavage , prions que

le nouveau pharaon en exercice qui est aux commandes de ce merveilleux pays qu'est

l'AMERIQUE, qui nous est cher , puisse avoir le même sort que celui infligé par HACHEM

à tous nos ennemis . AMEN ..

28 mars 2010, 02:45
chère Lison,

Merci d'avoir mis en ligne ce magnifique discours , que dire de plus ...


Que D.ieu l'épaule pour résister à ces pressions abusives !

En cette veille de PESSAH, qui a marquè la fin de notre esclavage , prions que

le nouveau pharaon en exercice qui est aux commandes de ce merveilleux pays qu'est

l'AMERIQUE, qui nous est cher , puisse avoir le même sort que celui infligé par HACHEM

à tous nos ennemis . AMEN ..

28 mars 2010, 13:40
31 mars 2010, 22:58

When Israel and France Broke Up

Princeton, N.J.

IN the face of rising tensions between the United States and Israel over housing construction in East Jerusalem, the Obama administration has rushed to reassert what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently called the “unshakable bond” between the two countries.

No doubt, that relationship rests on enduring foundations, including broad American public sympathy for a besieged democracy, a mutual strategic interest in resisting Arab extremism and a sense of moral duty to preserve the Jewish people after the Holocaust.

But if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tries to push his luck on settlements or the peace process, he would do well to remember an unnerving precedent: Israel’s loss, in 1967, of what had been a robust alliance with France.

The French-Israeli relationship began in the mid-1950s, when Israel became a major customer for the French arms industry. But the bond was not merely commercial: at the time France was trying to quash a rebellion in Algeria, and it shared with Israel a strategic interest in combating radical Arab nationalism. In 1956, France and Israel even fought together against Egypt in the Suez crisis.

The tacit alliance, championed by Israel’s deputy defense minister, Shimon Peres, deepened during the late ’50s and early ’60s through military cooperation and cultural exchanges. French technical assistance helped Israel get nuclear weapons, and France supplied the advanced military aircraft that became the backbone of the Israeli Air Force.

The relationship only grew warmer when Charles de Gaulle, the World War II hero, took over as French president in 1959. He recognized the historic justice of a Jewish “national home,” which he saw “as some compensation for suffering endured through long ages,” and he heaped praise on David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founding prime minister, as one of the “greatest leaders in the West.”

The bilateral bonds ran outside the government, too, with strongly pro-Israel public opinion, both among French Jews and non-Jews. But with the end of the Algerian war in 1962, de Gaulle began mending France’s ties to the Arab world and the relationship came under strain. For a while, France tried to balance its relationships: Israeli officials were heartily welcomed in Paris, and de Gaulle continued to speak of Israel as “the ally and friend” of France.

This double game, however, ended when the Six-Day War in 1967 forced France to pick a side. In a shock to its Israeli allies, it chose the Arab states: despite aggressive moves by Egypt, France imposed a temporary arms embargo on the region — which mostly hurt Israel — and warned senior Israeli officials to avoid hostilities.

When Israel launched a pre-emptive strike on June 5, France condemned it — even as Israel’s nearly immediate aerial victory was won largely with French-made aircraft.

A few months later de Gaulle bluntly told reporters that France had “freed itself ... from the very special and very close ties” with Israel, nastily adding that Jews were “an elite people, sure of itself, and dominating.”

This was not a sentimental stance: de Gaulle had made a strategic decision to bolster France’s stature in the vast Arab world, which in 1967 meant largely abandoning Israel. France proceeded to make the arms embargo on Israel permanent, sought oil deals with the Arab states and adopted increasingly anti-Israel rhetoric.

Of course, American public support for Israel is even more deeply ingrained than it was in France, and it is hard to imagine that anyone in President Obama’s staunchly pro-Israel White House is contemplating anything like de Gaulle’s sudden reversal.

Still, there are potentially disquieting similarities. Like de Gaulle after Algeria, President Obama understands the strategic importance of improving relations with the Arab and Muslim worlds after years of bloodshed in Iraq and Afghanistan. And so long as the Israeli-Palestinian peace process remains stalled, Washington’s relationships with Israel and the Arab states may look to some in the administration like a zero-sum game.

In the same way that many French officials tried to balance France’s relationships in the Middle East after the end of the Algerian war, Mr. Obama undoubtedly hopes that he can reach out to the Arab world without damaging ties with Israel. But this history suggests that Mr. Netanyahu would be wise to ease the strain on the alliance before any words are uttered that cannot be unsaid.

Gary J. Bass is a professor of politics and international affairs at Princeton and the author of “Freedom’s Battle: The Origins of Humanitarian Intervention.”
31 mars 2010, 23:08
interresting paper ! no comment,

01 avril 2010, 00:58
L'Islamiste de service voudrait bien croire que l'exemplaire trahison de de Gaulle,anti-juif notoirement connu même et déjâ lors du ralliement des personnalité juives à Londres,cette indigne trahison peut être reprise par les USA.Mais certains sont assez lucides pour apprécier les conséquences sur les relations de la France avec les Arabes.
Le premier pays qui a souffert de l'embargo des Arabes sur le pétrole en 1973 fut la France,mais de Gaulle était dejâ mort.
01 avril 2010, 13:25



08 avril 2010, 09:38
The Jews are a peculiar people: things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews.
Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it, Poland and Czechoslovakia did it.
Turkey threw out a million Greeks and Algeria a million Frenchman.
Indonesia threw out heaven knows how many Chinese and no one says a word about refugees.
But in the case of Israel , the displaced Arabs have become eternal refugees.
Everyone insists that Israel must take back every single one.
Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms.
But when Israel is victorious, it must sue for peace.
Everyone expects the Jews to be the only real Christians in this world.
Other nations, when they are defeated, survive and recover but should Israel be defeated it would be destroyed.
Had Nasser triumphed in June [1967], he would have wiped Israel off the map, and no one would have lifted a finger to save the Jews.
No commitment to the Jews by any government, including our own, is worth the paper it is written on.
There is a cry of outrage all over the world when people die in @#$%& or when two Blacks are executed in Rhodesia .
But, when Hitler slaughtered Jews no one demonstrated against him.
The Swedes, who were ready to break off diplomatic relations with America because of what we did in @#$%& , did not let out a peep when Hitler was slaughtering Jews.
They sent Hitler choice iron ore, and ball bearings, and serviced his troops in Norway .
The Jews are alone in the world.
If Israel survives, it will be solely because of Jewish efforts. And Jewish resources.
Yet at this moment, Israel is our only reliable and unconditional ally.
We can rely more on Israel than Israel can rely on us.
And one has only to imagine what would have happened in the six day war [1967] had the Arabs and their Russian backers won the war, to realize how vital the survival of Israel is to America and the West in general.
I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us.
Should Israel perish, the Holocaust will be upon us all.

This was written by Eric Hoffer in the LA Times in 1968 -- 42 years ago! Some things never change!

Eric Hoffer was one of the most influential American philosophers and free thinkers of the 20th Century. His books are still widely read and quoted today. Acclaimed for his thoughts on mass movements and fanaticism, Hoffer was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1983. Hopewell Publications awards the best in independent publishing across a wide range of categories, singling out the most thought provoking titles in books and short prose, on a yearly basis in honor of Eric Hoffer.
10 avril 2010, 01:16
Morocco's Misguided War on Terror
How the persecution of Islamists across North Africa, in the name of fighting terrorism, is sowing the seeds for future instability.


On a rainy Tuesday morning in February, a group of about 20 veiled women -- most of them dressed in black niqabs, the full-body veils favored by the most conservative Muslims -- stand silently in the street in front of the Rabat administrative tribunal. These wives, mothers, and sisters of alleged terrorists detained by the Moroccan government have come from across the country to show their support for one of their own, Fatiha Mejjati. Inside the courtroom, Mejjati is bringing a suit against the Moroccan government for wrongfully detaining her and her then-11-year-old son for nine months in 2003.

Since the May 16, 2003, bombings in Casablanca, when 14 terrorists launched a series of suicide attacks on several sites in the city, including the Belgian Consulate and a Jewish community center, killing 45 people, Morocco has adopted its version of the USA Patriot Act. This law increased the punishment for terrorist-related activities and, most importantly, criminalized the "intent of committing an act of terrorism," a crime the government interpreted broadly, using it to convict hundreds of people.

The U.S. government has embraced Morocco as a "moderate" ally in the region, more than tripling economic aid to the country since 2003. "Morocco is a leader in the fight against terrorism," said the U.S. ambassador to Morocco, Samuel Kaplan, in a televised interview in early February. He insisted that the efforts taken by the Moroccan government were "clear, direct, and strong." Indeed, the Moroccan government has taken staunch measures in the name of security over the last few years.

Human Rights Watch, on the other hand, stated in its 2010 annual report that "human rights conditions deteriorated overall in 2009 in Morocco." The report cited the unfair detention of presumed terrorists among the reasons for this decline.

Following the 2003 terrorist attacks, more than 2,000 adherents to a conservative interpretation of Islam, known as Salafism, were arrested and sentenced to terms ranging from 30 years to life in prison. Today, Morocco's Salafist population still labors under government suspicion and has been the target of repressive measures, including trials over trivial matters, kidnappings, and arbitrary detentions. These counterterrorism policies have particularly affected the families of the presumed terrorists. Many children remember very well their fathers' arrests and have themselves been exposed to scrutiny. Their parents warn that they themselves can be bombs waiting to explode.

Inside the courtroom, Mejjati, dressed all in black and holding a Samsonite briefcase containing pictures of her son, is making her case against the Moroccan government. She is the widow of Karim Mejjati, the deceased al Qaeda operative who was allegedly involved in the planning of the Casablanca attack, as well as the 2004 Madrid train bombings, which claimed 191 lives. He was killed in a shootout with Saudi forces in 2005.

In 2001 and 2002, Karim Mejjati took his family to live in Afghanistan and then Pakistan, with the stated goal of meeting Osama bin Laden, before settling in Saudi Arabia as a midlevel field operative for the organization. Fatiha Mejjati claims that one morning in March 2003, while she and her son Elias were on their way to the doctor, they were arrested and sent on a private CIA jet to the Moroccan prison of Temara, where they were detained for nine months. Fatiha Mejjati said she was interrogated about her husband's terrorist activities solely in relation to the United States. She said they underwent all sorts of tortures, such as sleep deprivation. Morocco denies Elias and his mother were ever detained.

Today Elias has serious mental and physical problems, including depression, paranoia, hormonal dysfunctions, and obesity. He is prone to violent outbursts. He does not attend school and only leaves the house to go to the doctor. "They ruined Elias's childhood; they must pay for it," said Fatiha Mejjati.

While Mejjati is inside the courtroom waiting for the judges to decide her case, her support group is waiting outside. Demonstrations such as these, a frequent occurrence in Morocco, are organized by An-Nassir, an organization that assists families of detained Salafists. All these women have a son, a brother, or a husband in a Moroccan prison. They all have a story to tell: the horrible detention conditions of their family members, daily repression from local authorities, denial of their rights as citizens, discrimination in the workplace, and marginalization of their children at school.

The women have a hard time containing their outrage. "Why are they in jail? Where are the proofs? Where are the bodies? Where are the bombs? To justify putting my brother in jail for 30 years?" demanded Khamissa Rtimi, the sister of Abderazak Karaoui. Her brother is innocent, she claims, and was arrested solely because he lived next door to one of the terrorists who conducted the Casablanca attacks.

Another woman, Rachida Baroudi, stands by herself. Her head is not covered, and she is dressed in pants and a jacket. Her son was arrested and jailed for a comment he wrote on a blog in which he expressed his anti-Western sentiments. "He is a prisoner of opinion. He has not done anything and is not prone to violence," his mother said. "I have to financially support his wife and his two children. One of them was born while he was already in jail. She only knows her father inside a prison."

The word "Salafist" is very often misunderstood and confused with terrorism. That is because al Qaeda's religious ideology rests on a particular jihadi branch of Salafism that encourages violence. However, the jihadists are the minority among adherents of Salafism. Most do not believe in using violence to spread their beliefs. The distinctive dress of Salafists -- the women are fully covered, and the men have beards and wear long blouses -- might make them easy to pick out of a crowd, but their ideology is poorly understood by most.

In fact, there is a politically quietist strain to many Salafist movements. French scholar Gilles Kepel, a visiting professor at the London School of Economics IDEAS center and an expert on political Islam, describes the original Salafist trends as nonviolent. "They are not advocating the revolt against one who holds power, against the powers that be," he said in a PBS Frontline interview. "They are calling for re-Islamization at the daily level."

In Morocco, however, all Salafists are treated as a potential threat to national security. Thousands have been thrown in jail over the last few years. Abderrahim Mouhtad, who runs An-Nassir, said the estimated number of prisoners today is around 1,000. Human Rights Watch's annual report denounces the conditions of suspected Islamist extremists of the 2003 bombings, who continue today to serve prison terms. "Many were convicted in unfair trials after being held that year in secret detention for days or weeks, and subjected to mistreatment and sometimes torture while under interrogation," the report states.

The Salafists have attempted a few hunger strikes to protest their detention, but with little effect. "There are a great number of innocent Salafists in the Moroccan prisons," said Mohamed Darif, a political science professor at Hassan II University in Mohammedia, Morocco. "There wasn't enough proof against the majority. They were convicted even if it wasn't clear that they were involved in any kind of terrorist activity."

According to him, Morocco's example is not unique. Many North African regimes, such as Algeria and Mauritania, in a bid to consolidate their power, have used the U.S.-sponsored war on terror as an excuse to crack down on their Salafist populations. "After 9/11, the American government has pushed many countries to fight religious extremism. The Moroccan government instrumentalized the May 16 attacks to pass an anti-terror law," Darif said.

King Mohammed VI, Morocco's ruler, has tried to soften the edges of his country's harsh treatment of Salafists. In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El País in 2005, he admitted that the measures taken in the past may have been "exaggerated." The king said that "there are no doubts that there have been abuses" and pledged that "it is necessary that such events never occur again." In 2006, he pardoned a few Salafists as a goodwill gesture.

According to Selma Belaala, who studies North African Islamic movements at the Centre d'Études et de Recherches Internationales in Paris, the Moroccan government successfully cast its counterterrorism efforts as a set of policies that not only employed the security services, but also aimed at reforming the country's legal and cultural norms. "The king did not only engage in a wide repression; he also reformed the laws, and society with a new family code," she said. "Women gained more rights, and the population was more educated. This is an effort to culturally fight radicalism."

From the Rabat courtroom, Fatiha Mejjati has a different perspective. She is waiting impatiently for the judges to deliver their decision. She paces in and out of the courtroom, thanking her "sisters" for coming all the way to the country's capital to show their support. She even fights with the security guards, asking them to let the other women in the courtroom so they don't have to stand in the rain. Near noon, the judges finally read their judgment: Her motion is denied.

"This court is a masquerade. God will give us our payback," Mejjati yells. She then walks out of the courtroom and hands the women assembled outside pictures of her son, Elias, showing him before and after his detention. A normal looking 11-year-old has transformed into an obese, sickly, acne-ridden teenager. The women start marching peacefully under the rain through the streets of Rabat in protest, followed closely by the police.

Aida Alami
10 avril 2010, 03:06
well Wolfy ? you post without a comment ?

God save the king !

10 avril 2010, 12:03
Without commenting, I get insulted. What if I do comment ?
10 avril 2010, 22:22
morte de rire !! good fun
11 avril 2010, 06:57
Nous avons encore des amis qui ne se joignent pas à la cohorte de nos detracteurs

The Chinese Military Spokesman Planted a Tree at Yad Kennedy
06/04/2010 15:52

The distinguished Chinese delegation, headed by the spokesman of the Chinese Government Ministry of Defense that included the Chinese military attaché in Israel, arrived in Israel for a five-day visit.

"The Jewish People have succeeded in surviving for thousands of years because they clung to their faith while constantly struggling for survival under difficult conditions. In doing so, they contributed to the welfare of all humanity. For this reason this occasion of planting trees under the auspices of KKL-JNF in the mountains of Jerusalem has special significance for me and for all the members of the delegation." These remarks were made by Senior Colonel Huang Xueping, Head of new affair bureau of the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, during a brief and moving planting ceremony in the VIP's Grove at Yad Kennedy.

The distinguished Chinese delegation, headed by the spokesman of the Chinese Government Ministry of Defense that included the Chinese military attaché in Israel, arrived in Israel for a five-day visit. They were hosted by the IDF spokesman, Brigadier-General Avi Benayahu. In his greetings Brig. General Benayahu thanked KKL-JNF for the special treatment given to the guest military delegation. "I wish to thank you for the special gesture given to the Chinese people who have stood alongside the Jewish people in times of difficulty in the past. I am certain that planting trees in the mountains of Jerusalem is a symbol of the deep respect that we feel for our guests."

Benayahu described the special significance and the symbolism of planting trees in the Land of Israel as a sign of re-establishing the ties between a people and their land. He described the most important aspects of KKL-JNF actions, particularly its creative methods of wisely and efficiently using the small amount of water that is available in this part of the world.

Andy Michelson, KKL-JNF master of ceremonies, opened the ceremony and spoke briefly about the planting project that KKL-JNF has been conducting for 110 years in which more than 240 million trees have been planted throughout the country. Michelson mentioned the great importance accorded to the act of planting in Jewish tradition. "Even if the Messiah comes while you are planting, you must first finish planting and then go to greet the Messiah."

"It is a significant event for us to plant trees here in the mountains of Jerusalem," said the Chinese military spokesman in his response to the greetings. "From what was said here I have learned the important role that KKL-JNF plays in Israel as an organization for protecting the environment and how much the organization works to provide quality of life for its citizens. We would like to express our admiration for this. Man's fate is also connected with that of trees in Chinese tradition, but is expressed somewhat differently. You can grow a tree in ten years, but it takes 100 years to create a person. Trees, like people, can survive in difficult conditions if they are given the proper attention and care. I wish for the Jewish people to be like these trees – to take root and flourish."

At the end of the ceremony the two military spokesmen planted the first tree together, and each of the members of the delegation planted a tree. Senior Colonel Huang Xueping presented a symbolic gift to Andy Michelson, representative of KKL-JNF – a decorated plate with a red background that symbolizes the Chinese blessing for prosperity
13 avril 2010, 07:15
13 avril 2010, 08:35
regarding the Video above, I remember saying "nothing" when I was told that I didnt look jewish !

another subject just received today ! makes you think.

Check this out and do it with an open mind. why is this constantly happening, purely accidental? Not hardly! I've been to many Islamic countries in my life time and the following is correct! These are not coincidental! Wake up America!!!
Battle cry: Take America back starting on 2 November, get out and vote and drag someone with you!!!

If you check Obama's last trip overseas, his wife left just after their visit to France as stated below. She has yet to accompany him to any Arab country. Think about it.
This email was sent to me from a very good and reliable friend. The pieces of the puzzle just keep on coming together!
Interesting - Read On.....
Travel for Obama

I was at a Blockbusters renting videos, and as I was going along the wall, there was a video called "Obama". There were two men next to me. We talked about Obama. These guys were Arabs and I asked them why they thought Michele Obama headed home following her visit in France instead of traveling on to Saudi Arabia and Turkey with her husband. They told me she couldn't go to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, or Iraq. I said "Laura Bush went to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Dubai."They said that Obama is a Muslim, and by Muslim law he would not be allowed to bring his wife into countries that accept Sharia Law.
I just thought it was interesting that two Arabs at Blockbusters accept the idea that we're being led by a Muslim who follows the Islamic creed. They also said that's the reason he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia . It was a signal to the Muslim world.
Just thought you would like to know.

When I received this email it made sense to me, but there were also a couple blank spots. Thus, I sent it to a friend who is a Middle Eastern Scholar and expert, Dr. Jim Murk. Here is his explanation that states a little clearer what the Arabs at Blockbuster were saying.

"An orthodox Muslim man would never take his wife on a politically oriented trip to any nation which practices shari'ah law, which includes Saudi Arabia. This is true and it is why Obama left Michelle in Europe or at home when he went to especially Arab countries. He knows Muslim protocol; this included his bowing to the Saudi king.
Obama is regarded as a Muslim in these countries simply because he was born to a Muslim father. Note that he has downplayed his Christianity--even spoke of his Muslim faith with George Stephanopoulus --by not publicly joining a Christian church in D.C., but simply attending the chapel or services at Camp David. He also downplayed the fact that the USA was a Christian country and said, unbelievably, that it was one of the largest Muslim nations in the world, which is nonsense. He has also publicly taken the part of the Palestinians in the conflict with Israel. Finally he ignored the National Day of Prayer.

He is bad news, he is "God's judgment on America". Jim Murk
Thus, once again ACTIONS speak louder than words. Check out Obama's. Do they appear treasonous to you or is it just millions of us who think so? God help us!

Have you wondered why Barack Hussein Obama has insisted that the U.S. Attorney General hold the trials for the 911 Murdering Muslims Terrorists in Civilian Courts as Common Criminals instead of as Terrorists who attacked the United State of America?
Think about this: If the Muslim Terrorists are tried in Military Tribunals, convicted, and sentenced to DEATH by the Military Tribunal, BY LAW of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, as President of the United States, would be required to SIGN their Death Warrants before they could be EXECUTED. He would not be required to sign the death warrants if sentenced to death by a Civilian Court.
Think about the Muslin Jihadist, Major Hassan who slaughtered his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas. Major Hassan did not want to go to Afghanistan and be part of anything that could lead to the deaths of fellow Muslims. He stated that Muslims could not and should not KILL FELLOW MUSLIMS.
Is the motive for Barack Hussein Obama's decision to make sure he doesn't have to sign the death warrants for the Muslim Terrorists? Why would he, as President of the United States, not want to sign the death warrants for Muslim Terrorists who attacked the United States and MURDERED over 3,000 innocent United States Citizens on 9/11? Could it be that he is FORBIDDEN by his RELIGION to have anything to do with the execution of Muslims?

Think about that!!! Join me in opening our ears, eyes and minds to what THEIR President is doing.

PLEASE pass this along to your friends if you agree that this sounds reasonable. If not, than just delete and go on to other things.

John W. King, Attorney at Law
13 avril 2010, 13:11
What can we expect from this kind of president who BOWS at

everything that moves ??????


15 avril 2010, 13:53
euh be carefful what are you saying here! Obama is a good communicator;
Actually he does not bow in the real or physical meaning of BOWing;
he is just congratulating china leader for sharing the summit at his arrival
Please acknowledge that this summit is successful with or without isarel

ps: china is overtaking the africa market; by building its very long-term strategy roughly througout this continent.
A real menace for us, all together !!! ok ?

bye bye!
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