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Envoyé par jero 
15 novembre 2003, 20:45
I am a descendant of Saqui, Amsterdam, 1700s, and have a relative who left for Mogador, returning after 20 years. I have been told that the Saqui family came from Livorno.

Another family member spells the name Sciaky, and his ancestors were from Livorno and Salonica. Earlier members of the family spelled the name Sacchi......

We are researching possible connections and appreciate any information you might be able to provide about the earliest spelling of this name.....changes over time.......and in different locations.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance,

Ann Hopper
Austin, Texas
Re: saqui
16 novembre 2003, 01:35
howdy Neighbour!!! I didn't know I had somebody fom so close to Killeen, Texas looking for his ancestors!! welcome aboard!! I spent 3 years in Livorno/Pisa area while stationed in Italy but I must confess I never heard that name while I was there!! maybe you'll get a better luck here at this Forum where everyone knows everyone!! Good Luck!
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