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The Jerusalem Biennale - Hearing Silence - Curated by Vanessa De Loya Stauber

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The Jerusalem Biennale - Hearing Silence - Curated by Vanessa De Loya Stauber
15 novembre 2021, 16:10
The 5th Edition of the Jerusalem Biennale will take place in November-December 2021 under the title of Four Cubits. Plan your visit to Jerusalem now!

The Jerusalem Biennale

Hearing Silence
Curated by Vanessa De Loya Stauber

The exhibition will take place at three different Venues around Mamila:

Gesher Guest House
4 Ben Shimon St.

Artists: Dan Arbell Varssano | Eunice Figueiredo | Paul Vaughan | Sandra Valabregue | Tzofia | Ayala Ophir | Miller Levy.

World Center for North African Jewish Heritage
13 HaMa’aravim St.

Artists: Didier Ben Loulou | Elisabeth Raphaël | Caroline Archambault | Silvia Bar-Am | Ruth Kestenbaum Ben-Dov | Valerie Adler | Diane Myriam Koskas | Esther Zibell | Carmen Ilan | Jack Jano | Dan Reisner

Hearing Silence
Lockdown withdrawal as conducive to reframing our understanding of the “visible” field.

Shrinking of our visual perspective; constrained to refuge in the sitting room; the retreat into our inner selves. Thirst for other experiences: listening as substitution.
Finding ourselves reduced to rescreening films in absence of substantial reality.

If seeing is believing, light and its appeasement have shifted center-stage. Re-transcription of our emotions in lyrical lexes. Poetic sources – “the ultra-living”, according to Bachelard.

Artists in perpetual quest; always vigilant, indefatigable and compulsive, seeking none other than the “blue places” - “sections of the brain where dreams are generated.”

Life as a vast expanse of sea, devoid of any feature. From what remote realms are people returning home? In their stunned state of mind, they invite us to share this instance of life as revitalizing flux.

Reversal of fatality through spirituality. The artist’s soul as indecipherable enigma. Induced reciprocity.
Akin to a silence that weeps, replenishes, recharges.

Representation of evanescence, emotion; listening with one’s eyes; the music of a whisper… A state of acute attentiveness, the eye ever alert for signs of emergence.

Oxymoron, prosody and restfulness as incontrovertible. Meditation, elicitation, enunciation, space-time.

Intricacies of communion between Man, Art and Nature. Silence as portending the Apocalypse?...
Evocativeness of the infinite abyss, metaphysical anguish.

Life-experience as potentially replenishing interlude - a means of coming closer to one’s truth. Ethics of essence without embellishment.

Listening, seizing, grasping at nuances.
Diametric opposite of narrow-mindedness.

Could a set measure of distancing facilitate a greater presence in the world? A form of response to a lifestyle saturated with images. Over-fullness that accentuates the void.

Encounters with light.
A mystical experience: bodily tremors, emotional resonance. The invigorated soul concedes to contagious serenity.

Analogy with a theater curtain rising on interplay of wonder, ecstasy, angst, melancholy and dreamlike state. As Simonides of Ceos said, “painting is poetry without words.” Paradoxical, pictorial silence. Fading-out, suspension of sound.

To quote Serge Poliakoff, “When the picture is silent, this means it is successful. Some of my pictures are born in tumult. They are explosive. But I am only content when they fall silent: form demands to be heard, not seen.”

Listening to form as end-goal?
Artist and viewer sharing the tremors. Reciprocal
Capturing palpitations.
Curiosity about the artist’s internal journey on the return home. The soul breathing via visual acuity.
Does the artist seek to suggest a square of blue sky?
Blue light as strength (Kachol/Koach) – the same two Hebrew letters appear in Chochmah, the Hebrew word for wisdom.

From the concealment of the transcendental hidden light (Or Haganuz) to the source (Makor – another word used to denote G-d in the Kabbalah.)

“Learning to visualize the absent,” in the words of the poet, Israel Eliraz.

Vanessa de Loya Stauber
Psychoanalyst, Freelance Curator

English: G E Ansell Brauner
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