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     More and more as the years went by, while talking with my aunts and uncles,I realised how little I knew of my culture eventhough I had been born in Morocco. And my children, like the children of my friends,knew even less.
What will they remember of our past ?Who will remember ?

     Now that we are spread out everywhere in the world,in Canada,in America, in Israel or Europe or even Honk Kong or Tahiti, we are in real danger of not keeping anything alive of that culture,that country that was home for centuries.  Are we going to witness a repeat of what happened to the jews of Rhodes, who fled their country in a hurry or were exterminated by the germans. Nothing remains of them in their country. 

Of course,just as they did,we also have our movies,books and cultural events that represent a hint of our culture.But this information is spread out in too many different places.

We woud like this website to become a cultural center, a meeting point open 24h/24 and reachable from everywhere on the planet. A net (global network) where we will find all of our culture,history,cuisine,stories,books,movies,laughs,friends we have lost sight of and to chat live.







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Traditional meal of Shabbat, this delicacy made of wheat, dried peas and meat was slowly cooked overnight in a low-temp oven.
The word comes from arabic "dafina or adafina" meaning "covered, smothered".




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