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Recipe for 10 people


1 kg of couscous

1 1/2 kg of meat, hamstring or lamb

250 gr dried peas left to soak overnight

500g of carotts cut into halves

300g of turnips cut into quarters

250gr of sliced onions

750 gr of red pumpkin cut into big pieces

1 white cabbage,

2 green peppers

1 bud of oregano thinly sliced

1/2 big spoon of black pepper

1 tea spoon of salt

4 big spoons of oil

Other Variation : add 1 pack of safran and 500g tomatoes.

Note:You will need a special cooking instrument made of two parts assembled vertically,the first cooks the vegetables and the sauce and the top part steams the couscous with the vegetable steam since its bottom is filled with holes.

Preparation of the seed

Wash the couscous et let it rest 15 minutes, add 2 tea spoons of oil and mix.
Put the couscous into the top part of the ustensil,place over the bottom pot which you would have filled with all the vegetables into 6 liters of water. Make sure not to put too much couscous so that the steam can pass through.

Steam for 45 mn.

Take off the couscous and work it with your hands as you would with dough and add 1/2 liter of water and 2 big spoons of oil in the process . Keep working the couscous until there are no clots or lumps and that the couscous has gained some volume.

Let it cool down.

Put the couscous back and let it steam for 30 mn.
The vegetables and the meat should be ready by now.

Take off the couscous one more time and let it cool down.

The sauce:

Cut the vegetables into quarters and the carrots into halves.

In the bottom pot, put the meat, peas and onions, 2 tea spoons of oil, 6 litres of water, boil up then let it simmer over a medium fire for 30 minutes.

Add all the vegetables except the pumpkin then let it simmer for 45mn.

Add the pumpkin and let it cook for 15mn.


How to serve:

Arrange the couscous in a conic shape into a deep dish.

Sprinkle the couscous with the sauce. 5 table spoons should be enough.Keep the remaining sauce available by the dish.

Put the meat and vegetables on top.Tradition dictates that the meat should be visible to the guest but not too much so the recommanded layers are (from bottom up):vegetables,meat then peas and onions.







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Traditional meal of Shabbat, this delicacy made of wheat, dried peas and meat was slowly cooked overnight in a low-temp oven.
The word comes from arabic "dafina or adafina" meaning "covered, smothered".




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