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Here are some names of Moroccan jews and their meaning:

Abbas : lion, in arabic 
Abecassis : from the tribe of Banu Alqassis at Yatrel, Arabia 
Abensur : from Tsour, Tyr, in Lebanon 
Abentsour : son of the Rock, in hebrew and berber 
Abergel : one-legged man, in arabic 
Abihsira : the father of the mat, in arabic 
Abirjel : one-legged man, in arabic 
Abitbol : drum, in arabic 
Abitboul : drum, in arabic
Aboudaram : of the dirham, taxes, in arabic 
Abouhatseira : the father of the mat, in arabic 
Aboulafia : father of tranquility, in arabic 
Abuzaglo : the man with the pole, in arabic
Adahan : painter, in arabic 
Adler : eagle, in german 
Afergan : from Aït Fergan, of Oulad Outad, from the tribe of Aït Izdeg, Morocco 
Afergan : from Ifergan, territory of Aït Ighmor, in the Oued Sous, Morocco 
Aflalo : from Assif Afella N'Draa, in theMezguita, Oued Draa, Morocco 
Aflalo : from Ksar Afelilou of Oulad Outad, from the tribe of Aït Izdeg in Morocco, in berber 
Aflalo : from Oulad Ifli in the Tafilalet, Morocco 
Akerman : peasant, in german  
Albaz : from Elvas, district of Alemtejo in Portugal 
Alcubbi : from Qubba, in Algeria, in arabic 
Alfasi : from Fes 
Alkalaï : from Qalate, near Fes 
Allouche : lamb, in arabic
Almosnino : the one who gives to the poor, in spanish
Altman : old man, in german
Amar : farmer, in arabic 
Amiel : people of God
Amsalam : the submissive, in arabic
Amsalem : the submissive, in arabic
Amzalag : maker of necklaces or ropes, in berber 
Anqawa : cleanliness, in arabic
Appelbaum : apple tree, in german 
Arel : God's mountain, in hebrew 
Ariel : God's lion, in hebrew
Arroyo : from Arroyo, province of Madrid, in spanish 
Asher : happiness, in hebrew 
Assabag : the dyer, in arabic
Assaf : he added, in hebrew 
Assaraf : trader, in arabic 
Assaraf : donut seller, in arabic 
Assayag : jeweller, in arabic 
Assouline : family ofAït Tizgui N'Opasouline from the tribe of Glaoua, in the Atlas Mountains
Assouline : rocks, in berber 
Atias : gift, in arabic
Attal : porter, in arabic
Attali : porter, luggage carrier, in arabic 
Avi... : father of..., in hebrew 
Ayache : lively, in arabic
Azancot : gazelles, in berber 
Azancot, : from Aqa Izenkad, Ksar of Sektana, Oued Draa, Morocco. in berber 
Azancot, : from Oulad Izenkad ,tribe of Ida Oultit, Sahal, Moroco 
Azar : he helped, in hebrew 
Azoulai : good, in berber
Azoulay, : from Tazoulaït, Braber, Morocco. in berber 
Bach : brook, in german
Baraq : lightning, in hebrew 
Barmont : french version of Bloch 
Bauer : peasant, in german
Baum : tree, in german
Braunschvig : German town 
Beer : bear, in german 
Ben Abouzaglo : the man with the pole, in arabic 
Ben Amara : from Amara, on the Tiger river, in Iraq 
Ben Ami : son of my people, in hebrew 
Ben Amozeg : son of a berber
Ben Azoulay, : from Tazoulaït, Braber, Morocco. in berber 
Ben Botbol : drum, in arabic
Ben chouchane : from Shushane, ancient capital of Persia
Ben Dadoun : from Oulad Doudoun of Ida Ou Blal, Sahara, Morocco. in berber.
Ben Doudoun : from Oulad Doudoun of Ida Ou Blal, Sahara, Morocco. in berber.
Ben Elazar : he helped, in hebrew
Ben Hamou : son of the father-in-law, in arabic 
Ben Hayoun : from Beni Hayoun in the Ketaoua, Oued Draa, Morocco 
Ben Hayoune : member of the Beni Hayoun in the valley of Oued Chegg El Ard 
Ben Maman : from Meaman, province of Orense, in spanish
Benaflalo : from Assif Afella NDraa, in the Mezguita, Oued Draa, Morocco
Benamou : son of the father-in-law, in arabic
Benarola : son of the vision, in arabic 
Benarouche : seller of cooked food, in arabic 
Benarroche : rough, in arabic
Benassayag : jeweller's son, in arabic
Benatar : son of the spice/perfume merchant, in arabic 
Benayache : lively, in arabic
Benayiche : son of the lively, in arabic 
Benchamoune : son of the fat man, in arabic
Benchimol : son of God, in hebrew 
Benezra : son of the helper, in hebrew
Benezra : son of the safety, in hebrew 
Benguigui : from Guig, tribe of Ghighia, Oued Tensift, Morocco 
Benhamou : from Aït Hamou, Oued Draa, in the Dades Canyons, Morocco. in berber
Benhayon : from Beni Ayoun in the valley of Oued Rgegg El Ard, in berber 
Benhayoun : from Beni Ayoun in the valley of Oued Rgegg El Ard, in berber
Benisti : you came, in spanish
Benloulou : son of pearl, in arabic
Benmelloul : from Igherm Meloul, Oued Draa, in theDadès, Morocco 
Benmergui : from Mragha, ancient capital of Azerbaïdjan, in arabic
Benoliel : disabled, in arabic
Benporat : son of the prosperous, in hebrew 
Bensimon : son of the blessed, in hebrew 
Bensoussan : son the lys flower, or from the town of Chouchane 
Benvenisti : you came, in spanish
Benzaqén : son of the ancient, in hebrew 
Benzaqén : son of the old, in hebrew 
Berdougo : bud, in spanish 
Berdugo : bud, child, in spanish
Berg : mountain,in german 
Berliner : from Berlin, in german
Berman : bear-man, in german 
Bibas : that you live, in spanish 
Birenbaum : pepper, en yiddish 
Birnbaum : pear tree, in german 
Bisror : bundle, in arabic 
Bitboul : drum, in arabic 
Blau : blue, in german 
Blum : flower, in german
Botbol : drum, in arabic 
Boutboul : drum, in arabic 
Bouzaglo : the man with the pole, in arabic 
Braun : brown, in german
Bueno : good, in spanish 
Buzaglo : the man with the pole, in arabic 
Candil : lamp, in arabic 
Carmi : my vineyard, in hebrew 
Castel : castle, in spanish 
Castro : from Castro, several towns bear the name, Spain 
Chaï : gift, in hebrew 
Charbit : scepter, in hebrew 
Chemtov : famous name, in hebrew 
Chochana : lys flower, in hebrew 
Chouqroune : red head, in arabic 
Chouraqui : oriental, in arabic 
Chouriqui : oriental, in arabic 
Cohen Solal : Cohen sweet, in arabic 
Corcia : belt, in judeo-arabic 
Corcos : from Corcos, province of Leon, in spanish 
Coriat : from Quriatain, near Mehedya, Tunisia
Dan : judgement, in hebrew 
Danane : judge, in hebrew 
Daninos : from Dogninos, province of Salamanca, in spanish 
Darmon : part of the Haouara tribe, Morocco 
Dreyfus : from Treves; or 3 feet, in german 
Dror : freedom, in hebrew 
Dufour : holds the bread oven 
Duran : from the town of Oran, in Algeria 
Echkol : bunch, in hebrew 
Eisen : iron, in german 
Eisenberg : mountain of iron, in german 
Elbaz : from Elvas, district of Alemtejo in Portugal 
Elbaz : falcon, in arabic 
Elcubi : from Quba, province of Baku in Transcaucasia 
Elcubi : from Qubba, en Algérie, in arabic 
Elfasi : from Fes, in arabic 
Elgrabli :sifter, in arabic 
Eliyakim : God shall set forth, in hebrew 
Elkaim : constant, in arabic 
Elqayam : God living, in hebrew 
Encaoua : cleanliness, in arabic 
Essabag : dyer, in arabic 
Essayag : jeweller, in arabic 
Ezra : help, in hebrew 
Falcon : falcon, in arabic 
Farb : couleur, in german 
Feld : field, in german 
Freud : happiness, in german 
Fried : peace, in german 
Fuchs : fox, in german 
Garzon : resourceful, in spanish 
Gelb : yellow, in german 
Gold : gold, in german 
Gompers, Gumprecht, etc : brave in combat, in german 
Gour-Arié : lion cub, in hebrew 
Gozal : gazelle, in arabic 
Gozlan : gazelles, in arabic 
Gross : tall, in german 
Grune : green, in german 
Grunewald : green forest, in german 
Guigui : from Guig, tribe of Ghighia, Oued Tensift, Morocco 
Gutt : good, in german 
Haddad : blacksmith, in arabic 
Halimi : from Ksar Hlim, Oued Ziz, Morocco 
Hamou : father-in-law, in arabic 
Hamou : from Aït Hamou, Oued Draa, in the Dadès, Morocco. in berber 
Harroche : rough, in arabic 
Hartman : hard man, in german 
Hassan : do-gooder, in arabic 
Hauffman : merchant, in german 
Haupt : chief, in german 
Hayate : dressmaker, in hebrew 
Hazzan : community treasurer, singer, en aramean and hebrew
Heim : house, in german 
Herrera : from Herrera, province of Valencia, in spanish 
Hertz : heart, in german 
Himmel : sky, in german 
Hirsch : deer, in german 
Hoff : courtyard, in german 
Holts : wood, in german 
Hopt : chief, in german 
Ifergan : from Ifergan, territory of the Aït Ighmor, in Oued Sous, Morocco 
Ifergan : fence, in berber 
Kessous : (Cohen) abbreviation, in arabic 
Khalifa : replacement, in arabic 
Kirchen : cherry, in german 
Klein : small, in german 
Klop : to hit, in yiddish 
Kolh : coal, in german 
Korcia : belt, in judeo-arabic 
Korn : wheat, in german 
Korsia : belt, in judeo-arabic
Kraut : cabbage, in german 
Kuggel : sphere, in german 
Kupfer : copper, in german 
Lahad : for the glory, in hebrew 
Lancri : from Lancara, province Lugo, Spain 
Land : country, in german 
Lari : modern, in arabic 
Lazar : he helped, in hebrew 
Limor : for me a perfume, in hebrew 
Loeb : lion (often levi), in german 
Loew : lion (often levi), in german 
Lugassi : from Lugas, province of Oviedo, Spain 
Lumbroso : shining, in spanish 
Maalem : master, in arabic 
Mahler : painter, in german 
Maman : from Meaman, province of Orense, Spain 
Marcus : measure of weight, in spanish 
Masliah : celui qui réussit, in hebrew 
Mechoulam : complete, in hebrew 
Medina : State, in hebrew 
Medina : town, in arabic 
Meïr : He shines, in hebrew 
Melloul : white, in berber 
Melloul : from Igherm Meloul, Oued Draa, in the Dadès, Morocco 
Melloul : from Aït Meloul, Oued Aït Tameldou, Morocco 
Ménahem : the consoler, in hebrew 
Mendil : apron, in spanish 
Messas : from Las Mesas, province of Cuenca, Spain 
Meyer : He shines, in hebrew 
Mizrahi : oriental, in hebrew 
Montefiore : from Montefiore, Italy 
Moreno : brown, in spanish 
Mortera : from Mortera, province of Santander, Spain 
Mouyal : from Moya, province of Lugo, in spanish 
Nachchone : decided, in hebrew 
Nahmani : benevolant, in hebrew 
Nahmias : God consoles, in spanish 
Nahmias : He will console, in hebrew 
Nahon or Naon : from Nahon, province of Oviedo, in spanish 
Nahoum : benevolant, in hebrew 
Naïm : nice, in hebrew 
Najeri : from Najéra, province of Logrono, in spanish 
Nataf : perfume, in hebrew 
Netanel : God gave, in hebrew 
Netanyahou : God gave, in hebrew  
Neuman : new man, in german 
Noah : rests in hebrew 
Ohana : from Bou Henna of Aït Ou Afella, Morocco 
Ohayon : son of the living, in berber 
Onona : son of the good, in berber 
Orli : light for me, in hebrew 
Ouaqnine : son of Jacob, in berber 
Ovadia : God's servant, in hebrew 
Pardo : from Pardo, province of Viscaya, Spain 
Pariente : ancient name of the actual town of Badis, in the Moroccan Rif Mountains 
Pariente : parent, in spanish 
Pinto : from Pinto, province of Huescaz , Spain 
Pinto : from Pinto, province de Madrid, in spanish 
Portal : from Portal, province of Lugo, in spanish 
Portal : portal, in spanish 
Puder : powder, in german 
Qadoche : saint, in hebrew 
Rahamim : mercy, in hebrew 
Rebibo : son-in-law after 2nd wedding, in arabic 
Reich : rich, in german 
Reicht : right, in german 
Rofé : doctor, in hebrew 
Roitman : red man, in german 
Rosen : pink, in german 
Rotchild : red marquis, in german 
Roth : red, in german 
Saada : happiness, in arabic 
Sabbag : dyer, in arabic 
Sabbah : early bird, in arabic 
Sadoun : lucky, in arabic 
Sadoune : lucky, in arabic 
Salama : peace, in arabic 
Samama : butter man, in arabic 
Sasportas : from Saportas, island of Mayorca in the Baleares 
Schliachter : chaliah, sent, in german 
Schneider : tailor, in german 
Schreiber : scribe, in german 
Schwartz : black, in german 
Schwartzfuchs : black fox, in german 
Semama : butter man, in arabic 
Shul : school, in german 
Singer : singer, in german 
Sohn : fils de, in german 
Soncino : from Soncino, Italy
Soussan : Lys flower, in arabic 
Stein : stone, in german 
Stern : star, in german 
Suissa : from Suesa, province of Santander, Spain 
Sultan : king, in arabic 
Suss : sweet, in german 
Tal : dew, in hebrew 
Tannenbaum : pine tree, in german 
Tanougi : from Tanger 
Thal : valley, in german 
Timeztit : from Tamest or Tamast, previously Massa, or in the Touat, Morocco. in berber 
Toledano : from Toledo, province of Toledo, Spain 
Tordjman : translator, in hebrew et aramean 
Touati : ethnic group of Touat, group of Oasis at the southern border between Algeria and Morocco 
Touboul : drum, in arabic 
Tov : good, in hebrew 
Tsadoq : fair, in hebrew 
Tsipor : bird, in hebrew 
Tsour : rock, in hebrew 
Tsucker : sugar, in german 
Tsvi : gazelle, in hebrew 
Vidal, Vital : alive, hayim, in spanish 
Wald : forest, in german 
Waqnine : son of Jacob, in berber 
Warschawski : from Warsaw, in polish 
Weil : anagram of Levi, in german 
Weiss : white, in german 
Wolf : wolf, in german 
Zaltz : salt, in german 
Zarfati : french 
Zilber : silver, in german 
Zilberman : man of silver, in german 
Zinger : singer, in german 
Zuker : sugar, in german 
Zweig : branch, in german 

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Traditional meal of Shabbat, this delicacy made of wheat, dried peas and meat was slowly cooked overnight in a low-temp oven.
The word comes from arabic "dafina or adafina" meaning "covered, smothered".



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