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   We hope that you have experienced a dafina, the delicious traditional chabbat dish of the Morrocan Jews. Its unique taste and Eden-like flavor are inscribed in our genes and cells and are associated indelebly with the holiness of Chabbat. 

So anytime you feel like reclaiming this emotional heritage, we invite you to come and join us here. Anytime you want to dig into your roots and take a full boost charge of your deepest neurones, just drop by.  

  Share your memories with us, send your pictures so that everyone may enjoy it. We have a unique identity. Let's gather it in the same well where everyone will be able to come and drink anytime anywhere.







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Traditional meal of Shabbat, this delicacy made of wheat, dried peas and meat was slowly cooked overnight in a low-temp oven.
The word comes from arabic "dafina or adafina" meaning "covered, smothered".






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